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Advanced MR Physics Course

Course for postgraduate students - Advanced MR Physics
The course amounts to 7.5 credits.
Registration deadline 25 November 2022

Course content
This post-graduate course is aimed at doctoral students of MR Physics aiming to broaden their knowledge in the field. Basic knowledge of MRI is required.
The course will cover, for example, the following topics and methods: Fast imaging, sparse sampling, post-processing methods, silent MR, QSM, QMRI,
diffusion, perfusion, resting state fMRI, magnetization transfer, spectroscopy, low-field MRI, ultra-high-field MRI and applications.

The course is based on comprehensive lectures and hands-on demonstrations. The participants will also prepare an individual in-depth review of a specific
method, which is to be presented in a seminar. This individual work shall also be submitted in written form.

Participants will be assessed based on the presence during the lectures and demonstrations, participation in the seminar (i.e., presentation of individual
work and active involvement in discussions), as well as a written report.

Lectures will be held December 12-16 2022. The Seminar will take place in January 2023.

National 7T facility, Lund

Social events
Social events will be part of the program

Language of instruction
The course is given in English.

Course responsible
Associate Professor Markus Nilsson,
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Lund University

Professor Linda Knutsson,
Department of Medical Radiation Physics,
Lund University

Application: Send an email to linda [dot] knutsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Linda[dot]Knutsson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se) 


For more information, see here.