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PhD course: The radiobiological basis for radiation therapy

The department of Medical Radiation Physics offers a postgraduate course on "The radiobiological basis for radiation therapy".

The postgraduate course on "The radiobiological basis for radiation therapy" begins in January 2022, with two weeks of lectures held via zoom. Lectures will be given by many specially invited international experts in the subjects covered by the course. In addition, an elective seminar with peer review and opposition will held later in the spring of 2022.

  • Lecture week 1 - January 10-14
  • Lecture week 2 - January 24-28
  • Seminar - TBA

Course content
Radiobiology is a field of knowledge and research in the borderland between physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Radiobiology is currently undergoing an increasingly diversified development and there is a need for a cross-disciplinary understanding. This course aims to provide an in-depth understanding in different sub-areas and convey a more complete picture of radiobiological phenomena, how they can be investigated and how they are applied in different radiotherapeutic applications. See further details in the course syllabus.

Course syllabus in Swedish

Course syllabus in English


Week 1
Week 2

Completion of the course awards 3 credits for the first part (participation in lectures and smaller written assignment), and 3 credits for the second (participation in lectures and extensive written assignment).

Administrative pre-requisites

Students admitted to Lund University
For doctoral students admitted to Lund University, course credits will be registered in Ladok by us. This requires that you state your name, institution where you are admitted, and personal ID number in the course registration.

Students admitted to a Swedish Higher Education Institution other than Lund University
Doctoral students who are admitted to a Swedish Higher Education Institution other than Lund University need to send us a filled-in copy of the following form for permission to participate in the PhD course:
After course completion, the student's home institution needs to transfer the course credits (“tillgodräknande” in Ladok) to the third-cycle education of the doctoral student. The credits shall not be registered as a course or an individual assignment (kurs eller individuellt åtagande), only as a credit transfer (tillgodoräknande).

Students admitted to a non-Swedish Higher Education Institution
Doctoral students admitted to a non-Swedish Higher Education Institution must send us a certificate that they are admitted to PhD studies, signed by the supervisor at the student's home institution. Note that upon course completion, the awarded course credits are decided and registered by the home institution. A course diploma will be issued by us, which states the course credits awarded to Swedish PhD students as a recommendation. The course syllabus specifies the course content, learning outcomes and assessment.

All students
Course material and discussions will take place in the Canvas learning platform, accessible via ordinary web browsers. In order to get access Canvas, you will be given a temporary account in LUCAT (the people and address directory for Lund University). To set up this account, we need information about your birth date and a scanned copy of your personal ID or passport.  After we have set up the account, you will receive instructions per e-mail on how to activate your account.

Registration is now closed.


Hope to see you in January!

Crister Ceberg & Katarina Sjögreen Gleisner
Course coordinators