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The latest program version is 1.2

Download (zip 2.8 MB)


Lupe 1.2 is based on version 2.3 of the Lund IDL library. The zip file for download contains both, Lupe and the library against which it has been compiled and tested. Newer versions of the library might work, older versions will most likely not as program and library development go hand in hand.

Important: By downloading and using the program you acknowledge that Lupe comes with absolutely no warranty as specified in the GNU public license. And although the software is used in daily clinical practice in Lund, such application can only happen at the sole risk of the user.

GNU Public Licence


That said, we will try to provide as much support as time permits. If you should encounter problems, bugs or miss a certain functionality, please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Installation instructions: 

 Unzip the file. This will leave you with the following files and directories:

 README.txt - the installation instructions

 LundIDLLib_v2.3 - Version 2.3 of the library

 Lupe - the program itself


 If you do not have an IDL license, download the IDL virtual machine from RSI

 For installation of the VM and the software, please follow the README.txt above.