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Group Members

 Katarina Sjögreen-Gleisner, professor, LU
 Michael Ljungberg, professor, LU
 Bo-Anders Jönsson, professor, LU
 Lena Jönsson, senior lecturer, LU
 Johan Gustafsson, PhD, researcher, LU
 Daniel Roth, PhD, researcher, LU
 Philip Kalaitzidis, PhD Student, LU
 Lovisa Jessen, PhD Student, LU
 Selma Curkic Kapidzic, PhD student, LU and Region Skåne

Collaborators LU
Carl Fredrik Warfvinge, LU and Region Skåne
Pernilla Asp, LU and Region Skåne
Erik Larsson, PhD, Region Skåne
Anna Stenvall, PhD, Region Skåne
Jenny Oddstig, PhD, Region Skåne

Collaborators National
Anna Sundlöv, PhD, LU, external