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Michael Ljungberg

Michael Ljungberg


Michael Ljungberg

Handbook of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging for Physicists : Modelling, Dosimetry and Radiation Protection, Volume II


  • Michael Ljungberg

Summary, in English

Mathematical modelling is an important part of nuclear medicine. Therefore, several chapters of this book have been dedicated towards describing this topic. In these chapters, an emphasis has been put on describing the mathematical modelling of the radiation transport of photons and electrons, as well as on the transportation of radiopharmaceuticals between different organs and compartments. It also includes computer models of patient dosimetry. Two chapters of this book are devoted towards introducing the concept of biostatistics and radiobiology. These chapters are followed by chapters detailing dosimetry procedures commonly used in the context of diagnostic imaging, as well as patient-specific dosimetry for radiotherapy treatments. For safety reasons, many of the methods used in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging are tightly regulated. Therefore, this volume also highlights the basic principles for radiation protection. It discusses the process of how guidelines and regulations aimed at minimizing radiation exposure are determined and implemented by international organisations. Finally, this book describes how different dosimetry methods may be utilized depending on the intended target, including whole-body or organ-specific imaging, as well as small-scale to cellular dosimetry. This text will be an invaluable resource for libraries, institutions, and clinical and academic medical physicists searching for a complete account of what defines nuclear medicine. The most comprehensive reference available providing a state-of-the-art overview of the field of nuclear medicine Edited by a leader in the field, with contributions from a team of experienced medical physicists, chemists, engineers, scientists, and clinical medical personnel Includes the latest practical research in the field, in addition to explaining fundamental theory and the field's history.


  • Nuclear Medicine Physics
  • Medicinsk strålningsfysik, Lund






Series in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering






CRC Press


  • Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging




  • Nuclear Medicine Physics


  • ISBN: 9780429952227
  • ISBN: 9781138593299