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Michael Ljungberg

Michael Ljungberg


Michael Ljungberg

Assessment of a hand-held CZT-based gamma camera for pre-clinical imaging of 177Lu


  • Daniel Roth
  • Michael Ljungberg
  • Sven-Erik Strand

Summary, in English

A small CdZnTe-based hand-held gamma-camera has been acquired, intended to be used for preclinical imaging. The camera produces images of size 4 cm x 4 cm with an image-matrix of 16 x 16 pixels and can be equipped with a low-energy high-sensitivity (LEHS) or a high-resolution (LEHR) parallel-hole collimator. Pre-clinical imaging involves scales smaller than what the camera is typically used for, and dedicated assessment of the camera’s performance in this field is thus warranted and the aim of this work. To this end, a mouse-like phantom is developed with the MOBY computer phantom as a basis and manufactured through 3D-printing. The phantom is printed in PLA, with fillable cavities for the liver and a tumour. Additionally, a motorised platform is built enabling SPECT acquisitions by rotating an object in front of the camera. Software is developed in-house for camera operation, SPECT acquisition, and tomographic reconstruction. The camera’s performance for 177 Lu imaging is assessed through measurements on the imageuniformity, sensitivity, spatial resolution, as well as planar and SPECT acquisitions on the mouse phantom. Energy windows over the 55 keV, 113 keV, and 208 keV photopeaks are investigated. Obtained sensitivities are around 100 cps/MBq for the LEHS collimator and 20 cps/MBq for the LEHR collimator, meaning that quick acquisitions can be made with 177 Lu activity administrations that are typically used pre-clinically. Tomographic reconstructions demonstrates that the camera can be used for SPECT applications. Overall, the camera is found promising for pre-clinical applications, both for planar and SPECT imaging.


  • Medicinsk strålningsfysik, Lund
  • Forskningsgruppen för Systemisk strålterapi
  • Nuclear Medicine Physics
  • LU profilområde: Ljus och material
  • LUCC: Lunds universitets cancercentrum








  • Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging

Conference name

2023 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference

Conference date

2023-11-04 - 2023-11-11

Conference place

Vancouver, Canada




  • Metoder för strålningsdosimetri inom preklinisk radionuklidterapi


  • Systemic Radiation Therapy Group
  • Nuclear Medicine Physics