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MATLAB code for Multidimensional Diffusion MRI

This package contains MATLAB files to help researchers analyze multi-dimensional diffusion MRI data, for example, data acquired withb-tensors of varying shape.



MRI simulator in MATLAB

A simple MRI simulator for visualization of various concepts



The MR IDL library

The MR IDL-library is a library of IDL classes to facilitate data display and handling, aimed to fulfill the requirements in a physical/medical research environment.

Included are e.g. classes for image display, plugin classes to facilitate user interaction (zooming, panning, ROI definition, etc.) and classes for handling and I/O of image sets. The latter support writing of images in DICOM3.0 format.

Please see the link below, containing overview, code examples and downloads.

The MR IDL Library


LUPE - the Lund Perfusion Program

A modular software for calculation of brain perfusion parametric maps from dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion weighted MR images, presented at the 21st annual meeting of the ESMRMB September 9-12 in Copenhagen.  Source code and a runtime version (.sav file) are published here under the terms of the GPL. See the overview for more info.