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The MR IDL Library



  • two classes for image display (single image and matrix of images)
  • to be combined with plugins for grey/color-scale change, zooming and panning
  • plugin for ROI definition and evaluation
  • plugin for patient data overlay from DICOM data
  • display and ROI classes create mouse/image change/palette change events
  • handling of image sets via dedicated classes
  • writing of DICOM3.0 format and direct data access via tagnames
  • associative arrays and parameter sets as separate classes
  • couple of helper classes (progressbar, colorbars)
  • uses IDL object graphics
  • fully documented, incl. code examples
  • published under the GPL

One class in the lib makes use of two colorbar classes written by David Fanning which are therefore bundled with the library. Some of the core methods of DICOM writing were taken from Bhautik Joshi's IDL dicom writer. The original version of the progressbar was written by Rob Mallozzi. All external code is used and included with kind permission of the respective author.




The screenshot displays some of the library classes: mrDisplay for single image display to the upper left, next to it the ROI plugin, at the bottom a mrMultiDisplay object, and above that the color bar of the mrContrast plugin and mrwidget_numfield for number input.




Included in the download is full documentation in HTML and mentioned example programs that cover the most common uses.

The library is published under the GPL, that is you're free to copy and modify it as you like. The program used to create the HTML documentation is available upon request.

The latest version is version 2.3,.

Download the MR library (zip 1.1. MB)

Installation instructions:

Unzip the file. This will leave you with the following files and directories:

readme.txt (basically this page)

gpl.txt - a copy of the GNU public license

lib - directory containing the library itself

bitmaps - bitmap files for the mrroi object

htdocs - the html documentation. Start with htdocs/index.html

Copy the content of the bitmap folder to the resource/bitmaps folder of your IDL installation

Move the contents the 'lib' folder to a suitable place and add that directory to your IDL search path (under File->Preferences, tab 'path'). Make sure the checkbox is checked, so subdirectories are searched as well.

The start file for the documentation is htdocs/index.html and should work both when opened from the browser as a file or served via a webserver. (tested with IE and Mozilla/Firebird - it looks nicer under the latter)

The example programs are accessible via the webpages. Programs and screenshots are located in the example program page


Further Information


For example programs, questions, bug reports (both program and documentation) and comments please contact linda [dot] knutsson [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se (Linda[dot]Knutsson[at]med[dot]lu[dot]se)